The Flowers of CBD Perfect Time

The benefits of the CBD

Perfect Time® wishes to offer the benefits of CBD to as many people as possible in a qualitative approach, centred on a unique and simple experience.

A safe environment

We wish to make people discover the emotions, sensations and subtleties of the CBD in a safe and informative setting . To be sprayed or consumed as an infusion, the CBD Perfect Time® flowers allow you an exceptional moment of relaxation!

CBD experts

The Perfect Time®experts will naturally accompany you in the discovery of this multifaceted product that is the CBD. Our CBD flowers have been selected from the best French and European producers.

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What are CBD flowers?

The flower is the cut bud of a female cannabis plant. As with wines, there are different varieties of cannabis flowers, which we call strains. Each strain has a unique flavour and combination of active ingredients, and provides a subtly different effect. Exploring different strains is one of the real joys of consuming hemp.

Most people are interested in the strain name, plant type (indica / sativa) and potency (THC / CBD content) when buying flowers. The flower is sold by variety and weight. Discover also our CBD Premium Oils.

In France, it is legal to buy flowers witha THCcontent of less than 0.3%, in accordance with the European laws that apply on French territory. That is why all Perfect Time® flowers are absolutely compliant and ensure you can consume in complete peace of mind for an absolutely perfect moment!

How to choose your CBD flowers?

Simple and secure purchase

There is a diversified offer for CBD flowers and CBD oils. With Perfect Time®, we offer you top-of-the-range products, whether in Sativa vs. Indica-dominant strains, but also more effective uses, or simply different flavours.

Whatever your motivations for consuming CBD flowers, we offer you a friendly, safe and transparent shopping space. Our online shopping process for CB D flowers is simple and secure: select your product, add it to the shopping cart, fill in the necessary information such as address and payment method, then proceed to checkout. Perfect Time® guarantees the delivery of your CBD flowers between 24 and 72 hours for France. We guarantee a secure delivery with a humidifier system so that your CBD flowers arrive fresh and ready to use.

A wide variety of CBD flowers

Indulgeyour instincts and explore the variety of flowers in CBD Perfect Time®, available in many prices and representing a wide variety of strains and flavours. Some flowers may have a fruity citrus scent, while others may have a more earthy, floral, lemony, or fruity note.

Each Perfect Time® flower has its own unique characteristics, all supported by a fragrant earthy scent reminiscent of hops or fresh tomato vines, which is why Perfect Time® always includes a full description of each strain that describes each flavour in detail. It's a touch that highlights the quality of our products and helps you personalize your purchase according to your own preferences.

The unique world of CBD premium

From flowers, to oils, to essential accessories, Perfect Time® accompanies you in your discovery of the unique world of premium CBD, reaffirming our essential values of well-being, serenity, relaxation, self-care, open-mindedness and sharing.

Perfect Time® is the product of the association of a team of enthusiasts and experts for whom these values are essential in a constantly changing world. Faced with the constant acceleration of lifestyles and cycles, we offer you an interlude of pleasure and culture: a perfect moment in line with yourself and your desires.

be yourself

Accessories and Conservation of the CBD

We recommend that you keep your flowers in their original packaging in a cool, dry place. Finally, it is advisable to protect them from the sun's rays which could damage them.

The BOVEDA™ 1gr BULK system included in your packaging allows you to keep your flowers fresh for 4 to 6 weeks. When your BOVEDA™ 1gr BULK is dry and cracked, it means you need to change it. You can order CVAULT personal containers as well as BOVEDA™ in our accessories section. Remember to close the package after use.

Shelf life 1 to 2 years.
Keep out of reach of children.

Pure Pipe Classic Tommy Chong


Grinder Bowantri Tommy Chongs


PAX 3 Spray (Matte Black)


The CVAULT Small 10 - 14Gr.


What our clients say

David, 93230 ROMAINVILLE

Gorilla Glue

"Very good taste and smell, a very compact flower. It causes a feeling of relaxation quickly and after 10 minutes the effect is very pleasant. Very good sensations"

Joseph, 92310 SEVRES

White Widow

"A powerful scent and a flower that is easy to roll. A good feeling of lightness. Nice and relaxing, very friendly!"

Cyril, 94400 VITRY SUR SEINE

Hawaiian Snow

"A flower with a nice texture, good fruity taste, very good quality."

CBD Flowers

CBD Flowers

CBD Oils

CBD Oils


CBD accessory


CBD accessory


Our Perfect Time® CBD flowers are marketed with the certification of laboratory analysis (THC <0.3%) in accordance with the European legislation on hemp cultivation, in particular the European decree n.° 639-2014 and the European regulation n.° 1307/2013.

We certify the legal rates in our sealed doypack bags.

Our flowers do not contain psychotropic and addictive substances.

Sale to minors prohibited.

It is not recommended to drive after consuming CBD.

Not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women.

Do not use on public roads or in cars.

As with all products with effects on the body and nervous system, it is recommended that CBD products be consumed in moderation. We decline all responsibility in terms of health and dependency.

We remind you that any smoked product is potentially carcinogenic. As soon as you smoke, you are responsible for your health and also for the health of those around you.

Perfect Time® cannot be held responsible for the misuse of its products.


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