CBD Cosmetics: a pure moment of relaxation

Treat yourself to a moment of pure relaxation every day with our wellness cosmetics distributed exclusively by Perfect Time. Take advantage of our massage oils, skin care products or our smoothing and repairing creams with CBD for a unique moment. Our 100% natural formulas with CBD and legal cannabis are the solution to reach a state of absolute relaxation when you need it.

Whatever the product, our absolute wellness cosmetics will bring you all the benefits and positive effects of CBD on your bodyyour skin or your mind. With our Perfect Time cosmetic products, CBD contributes to your well-being and the balance of your body.

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Our CBD is directly extracted from unmodified, organically grown cannabis plants. We only work with laboratories and hemp growers who select plants with a high CBD content and from which all traces of THC have been removed during the extraction process. As a result, the level of THC does not exceed 0.03%, which eliminates any psychotropic effect while retaining all the benefits. All other cannabinoids and terpenes are 100% natural in order to obtain a full spectrum CBD oil. Our oils and creams do not contain any heavy metals, solvents or chemicals.

From the cultivation process to the final product, including the extraction and purification processes, each step is carefully controlled and verified by our laboratories. These tests are then verified by a certified independent third party laboratory. We take the control process to heart to provide you with a cannabidiol product that meets your expectations for taste, purity and potency.

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