Preservation of your CBD Premium flowers

storage of CBD flowers

Numerous studies confirm that the cannabinoids in CBD cannabis flowers can remain stable for up to two years, provided the flower buds are stored properly.

Therefore, for optimal long-term storage of flowers, it is essential to have the perfect environment to keep your CBD active.

When storing flowers, it is important to avoid all elements
that degrade the active agents contained in your CBD :


The light

The most important factor in the degradation of your flowers and cannabinoids is light.

When storing your CBD cannabis, it is therefore best to keep the flower out of direct contact with any light source.


The air

Another important factor in the long-term storage of cannabis is the level of oxygen. Indeed, if your cannabis flowers are in contact with too much oxygen this will cause a degradation of the plant's phyto-cannabinoids. On the contrary, insufficient oxygen can also affect the humidity level and thus lead to mould.
One of the most effective solutions to create optimal storage of CBD flowers is the use of pots that hermetically seal the CBD flowers. It is then important to choose a container of good size.



Mould and moisture go hand in hand. In order to prevent them, it is important to keep your CBD cannabis flowers dry. However, a good quality CBD cannabis flower cannot be too dry as this will cause degradation of terpenes and cannabinoids.

It is therefore essential to maintain the correct humidity level for the long-term storage of cannabis. The recommended humidity level for the preservation of CBD flowers is 62%.


The temperature

High temperatures can cause the flower heads to dry out and the terpenes to evaporate, resulting in hard smoke and an unpleasant taste.

For this reason, most studies simply recommend storing cannabis in a "cool, dark" place to create a good storage environment.

At Perfect Time®, we recommend CVAULT containers combined with the patented 2-way BOVEDA relative humidity technology which allows 62% humidity control and optimal conservation of trichomes and phyto-cannabinoids.

Boveda Humidipack CBD

The CVAULT (Official product)

A Cvault is a food grade stainless steel container that allows an optimal conservation of your CBD flowers.

Designed to preserve the freshness and potency of your cannabis with its airtight lid and light-tight design, our Cvault guarantees the long-term preservation of your PERFECT TIME® flowers.


Constructed from food grade stainless steel, these small airtight containers are not only used for storage, but are also perfect for curing and keeping your product cool for several months due to the possibility of using the patented BOVEDA moisture pack under the lid.

The BOVEDA humidification system allows it to leave just enough humidity (62%) to maintain perfect humidity for exceptional storage. This makes the CVault the best solution to store your flowers on the long term simply and safely.

How to maintain the Cvault

Our CVault containers are made of food-grade stainless steel, which makes them very easy to clean with alcohol.

Our containers are made of stainless steel and meet high hygienic standards.

Light and sky

Plants need light and air to grow. However, after the harvest, light (Ultra-Violet rays) and air (oxygen) affect the quality of the herbs.
Storage in a light and airtight container therefore optimises the long-lasting quality of the flowers. Thus the smell, taste, weight, structure and effects of your flowers are preserved.

Preservation of trichomes

Numerous scientific studies show that 15% more trichomes (with terpenes and cannabinoids) are preserved when herbs are preserved with Boveda technology. Being able to preserve these 15% more trichomes means that CBD flowers have a better appearance, a milder taste, a better smell, a better effect.
Storage in a light and air-protecting container therefore optimises the long-lasting quality of the flowers. In this way the smell, taste, weight, structure and effect of your flowers are preserved.

Control by Boveda

Boveda's moisture management technology is based on the principle that salt attracts and retains moisture.

Each product therefore has a different ideal relative humidity. For CBD flowers, this is a humidity of 62%.

Bidirectional control

Boveda technology guarantees a relative humidity of 62% thanks to a mixture of special salts. Boveda's patented bi-directional membrane in which the salt mixture is packaged allows moisture to pass in two directions. If the relative humidity in the container exceeds 62%, the salt absorbs moisture through the membrane.
If it becomes too dry in the container, then the salt releases moisture through the membrane (reverse osmosis).

Water vapour

The hyperfiltration membrane of the Boveda technology allows only water vapour to pass through.

Therefore, you will not find any impurities in the CBD flowers.

Patented system Humidipack Boveda 62%.

Put an end to humidity fluctuations in your storage containers and CVault: the Boveda Humidipak 62 maintains the relative air humidity at 62% by adding or removing moisture.

Boveda Humidipak 62 contains no chemicals and its contents are completely natural and food safe (it is composed of salt and purified water). No maintenance or refilling is required.

Grinder CBD

BOVEDA Humidipack Guide 62%.


How does bi-directional humidity control work?

The bi-directional humidity control of the Humidipak Boveda 4gr 62% continuously adapts to the outside temperature and the surrounding climate by adding or removing the necessary humidity to maintain a pre-determined level of relative humidity (RH) inside the packages and containers.

Maintaining an ideal and constant relative humidity means that your product does not lose any moisture during storage in the Humidipak Boveda 4gr 62%. It is maintained at its ideal humidity level throughout its shelf life and/or intended use, without being subject to humidity fluctuations.


Accuracy of (+/-) 1% when responding to changes in temperature and climate

The Humidipak Boveda 4gr 62% is different from all other technologies because any product or material placed in a container containing a Humidipak will be maintained at the desired humidity level of plus or minus 1%.

Indeed, if the humidity in the chamber of the Humidipak Boveda 4gr 62% falls below the desired level, then water vapour will pass through the chamber to restore the humidity.

Similarly, if the humidity is above the desired level, the Humidipak will absorb a sufficient amount of the excess moisture to restore the desired humidity.


Patented technology

The bi-directional humidity control technology of the Humidipak Boveda 4gr 62% has been awarded several extensive U.S. and international patents in the field of non-electronic control of relative humidity in closed containers and packages.

The patented technology is called Humidipak.

Natural, safe and environmentally friendly

The technology of the Humidipak Boveda 4gr 62% is based on a property well known to scientists. This technology combines the formulation of a saturated solution of a soluble substance designed to maintain a specific level of relative humidity.

It is therefore a gelled and saturated solution that is introduced into a bag (or other form) with a very high permeability to water vapour transmission, but does not allow liquid water to pass through or leak into the container.

For every order of CBD PERFECT TIME flowers,
1 Humidipak 1Gr 62% BOVEDA system is included in your doypack.

So you can keep your CBD cannabis flowers in optimal conditions for up to 8 weeks.

Our CBD Flowers

Our Perfect Time® CBD flowers have been selected by our experts according to essential criteria: high quality, eco-responsible CBD hemp production, flowers representing extremely tasty varieties and the best European CBD flowers, compliance with legislation governing the consumption of CBD in France and Europe.

This requirement serves to offer a finished product of very high quality that will awaken all your senses with unique taste experiences for an exceptional moment.


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