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What is the CBD?

CBD, short for Cannabidiol, is one of the 115 phyto-cannabinoids naturally present in hemp (cannabis) plants.


What are cannabinoids?

Cannabinoids are a set of chemical molecules naturally present in the human body, particularly in the endocannabinoid system. These molecules are also present in hemp in the form of phytocannabinoids.


How do cannabinoids work?

Cannabinoids interact with receptors in the body's endocannabinoid system (ECS) to restore a healthy, natural state of health.


Is the CBD psychotropic?

No, CBD is present in all varieties of hemp. CBD is not a psychoactive or addictive substance and does not contain THC. A good quality, laboratory tested CBD product will not be detectable by drug testing.


What is THC?

Delta-9 THC is the molecule responsible for the psychoathropic effects of hemp. THC accumulates in the body and is detectable by drug tests.


Is the CBD legal?

CBD is not a psychothropic and/or addictive substance, CBD is legal!


At Perfect Time®, we pride ourselves on our shipping speed!
Delivery time varies from 24H to 72H (excluding WE and holidays).

Please note that it may take up to 1 business day to process your order. However, orders sent before 2pm are in most cases shipped the same day.

Shipping information is not available immediately at the time of ordering but as soon as your package is dropped off at the sorting center.

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Where does your premium hemp come from?

Our premium hemp is 100% grown and produced within the European Union, particularly in France, Italy and Switzerland.


How are CBD flowers grown?

CBD flowers are grown in different methods: Outdoor (outdoor), Indoor (under glass) and Green House (in a pot under a lamp).

At Perfect Time®, we favour Outdoor cultivation in accordance with Good Agricultural Practices in a soil naturally rich in trace elements, with natural light and pure rainwater.


Is your premium hemp organic?

Our farmers continuously follow organic farming practices in accordance with the regulations in force and some of them have the AB label. 

All farmers who work with Perfect Time® do not use herbicides, pesticides or fungicides.


Is your hemp GMO-based?

No, our premium hemp is produced from certified seed, which has been produced using natural plant breeding methods. Our Perfect Time® flowers are guaranteed GMO-free.


What is CBD Full Spectrum?

The name Full Spectrum is often used to indicate to the consumer that the plant totum (total plant) has been used for this product.
The whole Cannabis Sativa L. plant contains over 480 phyto elements including cannabinoids, THC, terpenes, flavonoids and fatty acids.


What is CBD Broad Spectrum?

The name Broad Spectrum is often used to indicate to the consumer that the plant totum (total plant) has been used for this product but that the product no longer contains detectable THC (THC extraction).


What are the benefits of the CBD?

Legally, we are not allowed to give information about the therapeutic properties of our products. Our products are not intended to cure, prevent or diagnose diseases. Consult your doctor before consuming CBD products.


What's the best product for me?

From e-liquids to oils to cosmetics, there are many ways to take CBD products from Perfect Time®, each with its advantages and disadvantages. It all depends on individual preferences and desired effects.

There are three ways to consume CBD :

  1. by inhalation: vaporization (e-liquids, crystals, flowers) or combustion* (by smoking flowers).
  2. orally (sublingual oils, infusions, candies)
  3. anointing (cosmetic creams, massage oil)

Because of the values of Perfect Time® and our philosophical approach, we only offer products that are in line with our qualitative and ethical approach to a certain art of living.

Thus, Perfect Time® does not offer e-liquids or crystals that have no therapeutic virtues, but only flowers, oils, infusions or creams that allow everyone to relax, take care of themselves and share quality moments.

It's up to everyone to explore the different approaches of Perfect Time® to take advantage of the richness and refinement of the CBD with the consumption patterns that best suit your needs.

CBD consumption

* We remind you that any smoked product is potentially carcinogenic. As soon as you smoke, you are responsible for your health and also for the health of those around you.