Perfect Time® is the French premium CBD specialist.

The best producers

Perfect Time® has selected for you the best of ecological, ethical and practical cannabis!

Our flowers have been selected from the best French and European producers, and some varieties have won prizes in the most selective international competitions. With its experts, Perfect Time® is in search of natural flowers that will bring you the most harmonious, surprising, or intoxicating aromas and flavours.

Modes of consumption

To spray or consume in infusion, the flowers of CBD Perfect Time® allow you an exceptional moment of relaxation!

It's up to you to discover our unadulterated flowers, which preserve the benefits of the hundreds of aromatic chemical compounds, called terpenes, which are naturally present in the cannabis plant!

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quality cbd specialist

We market high quality products based on phyto-cannabinoids(CBD: Cannabidiol), organic hemp and products derived from hemp (THC less than 0.3%) in order to make known and promote the well-being and the art of living associated with CBD.

CBD Flowers

CBD Flowers

CBD Oils

CBD Oils


CBD accessory


CBD accessory

A quality approach

With this in mind, we have developed a rich and subtle range of top-of-the-range products that respond to the values and gustatory, dietary and ecological properties of hemp and cannabis. All our products correspond to strict specifications, are laboratory tested and certified at less than 0.3% THC in accordance with French and European legislation.

How to consume CBD?

From e-liquids to oils to cosmetics, there are many ways to consume CBD, depending on individual preferences and desired effects. Broadly speaking, there are three ways to consume CBD:

  1. Inhalation, vaporization: be it with e-liquids, crystals.
  2. By ingestion, as in the case of consumption of sublingual oils, infusions, or sweets.
  3. By anointing as in the local application of creams.

Because of Perfect Time®'s qualitative and ethical approach, we aim to offer you a certain art of living thanks to products that allow you to take care of yourself and live quality moments.

Within this ethical framework, Perfect Time®does not offer crystals that have no therapeutic virtues, but only flowers, oils, infusions or creams that allow everyone to relax, share quality moments or get together. It's up to everyone to explore the different Perfect Time®products, to enjoy the richness and refinement ofthe CBD thanks to the modes of consumptionthat best meet your needs.


What our clients say

David, 93230 ROMAINVILLE

Gorilla Glue

"Very good taste and smell, a very compact flower. It causes a feeling of relaxation quickly and after 10 minutes the effect is very pleasant. Very good sensations"

Joseph, 92310 SEVRES

White Widow

"A powerful scent and a flower that is easy to roll. A good feeling of lightness. Nice and relaxing, very friendly!"

Cyril, 94400 VITRY SUR SEINE

Hawaiian Snow

"A flower with a nice texture, good fruity taste, very good quality."